Here’s How Tart Cherry Powder Can Reduce Soreness From Running


Running may fight heart disease, improve mood, sharpen your mind, and promote weight loss—but it can also cause inflammation that can really kill your legs, hindering recovery.

But Texas A&M researchers have discovered a solution.

For 10 days, they gave 27 endurance runners and triathletes either a placebo or a powder made from the skin of Montmorency tart cherries; on the eighth day, they also had them run a half-marathon. Those who’d been dosing on the tart cherry not only ended up with 47% less inflammation and 34% less soreness, they also busted out finish times that were 13% faster.

The powder, easily available online, tamps down signs of physiological stress and muscle breakdown, they say, in a dose of about a quarter teaspoon a day.

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