Here’s Why Chocolate Helps You Think Better

Here’s Why Chocolate Helps You Think Better

It’s the scientific discovery of your dreams: New research has determined that, aside from lowering your cholesterol, your risk of stroke, and the probability you’ll die of heart disease, eating chocolate frequently—go for 7oz a week, or 1oz a day—actually improves your brain’s cognitive functioning.

The study, reported in the journal Appetite, used data from an existing study to compare how often subjects ate specific foods with how high they scored on a range of cognitive tests. And the frequent chocolate eaters knocked it out of the park, doing significantly better on memory, organization, and abstract reasoning tests than subjects who treated themselves less often.

It’s chocolate’s antioxidant-heavy flavonols that are the real brain food, researchers believe. Though that’s no excuse to fill your fists with Milky Way and Snickers bars. Dark chocolate has the most flavonols, so look for bars labeled 60% or higher.

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