HGH Supplement: Growth Factor 9

gf9 supplement

Unless you’ve avoided the gym (and the internet) for the past five years, chances are, you’ve heard about the reported benefits for Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. While it’s produced naturally by your body, the production of this hormone plunges after you pass through puberty—and the muscle building, metabolism-firing, deep sleep-inducing benefits it provides tend to go away along with it.

That’s why plenty of pros, from celebs to bodybuilders to athletes, inject synthetic doses of HGH into their bodies: Supplementing with HGH  been found to help increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and help you achieve greater endurance and a faster recovery. And oh yeah: It’s been shown to improve your mood, sleep, skin tone and sex drive. Just about the only thing it can’t do is walk your dog and pay your bills.

If it sounds too good to be true, is kind of is: synthetic HGH is expensive, and injections may run well into the thousands of dollars per round. And you need a prescription for it…something you can’t just walk in and ask your doctor for. That’s why many of us are on the hunt for an HGH alternative that offers similar benefits—without the wallet-busting price tag and tough-to-wrangle script.

Enter Growth Factor 9 (aka GF9), the first non-Rx, OTC supplement capable of increasing blood serum hormone levels through oral dosing…without wacky side effects. Rather than replacing natural HGH (something no pill can do), the product uses an amino acid blend to stimulate the body’s own production of human growth hormone.

Want to know what goes into this muscle-pumping pill, and what exactly each ingredient can do for you? Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., at MuscleandFitness.com

What’s in Growth Factor 9—and how does it work?


Arginine is best known for its ability to boost nitric oxide (NO) levels. However, it can also boost growth hormone (GH) levels. It does this by inhibiting production of somatostatin, a hormone that impairs GH production. With the inhibition lifted, GH levels increase



Arginine is an amino acid that is readily converted in the body into nitric oxide (NO), which widens blood vessels to delivery more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to muscles.


Acetylcysteine is an amino acid that protects muscle cells from oxidative damage that occurs during exercise, and aids in their recovery. It has also been shown to improve muscle endurance, enhance fat loss, and boost NO levels.


Glutamine can also increase GH production. Researchers at Louisiana State reported that subjects taking this amino acid had an increase in GH levels 90 minutes after ingestion. Glutamine is also important for proper immune function, which means more time in top form.


This Japanese herb is well known for its ability to enhance immune function in the body, and therefore is often used to combat the common cold. Research shows that it may also help treat certain skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes.

The proprietary combination of these ingredients in their unique ratios, as found in GF-9, was responsible for the 682 percent increase in GH levels reported in a recent clinical study.

For more information, visit novexbiotech.com/growth-factor-9 ($100 per bottle). 

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