How BCAAs Can Take Your Performance to the Next Level


Most people don’t understand why they need a branched-chain amino-acid (BCAA) product. Why take BCAAs rather than protein powder?

Proteins need to be unbound for their amino acids to take effect—it’s usually hours before they can be used in the body. BCAAs, on the other hand, work right away.

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When should we take them?

You could drink a product like Xtend Perform 30 minutes before you go to the gym or anytime during your workout.

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Scivation’s original BCAA product, Xtend, is one of the best-selling ever. What persuaded you to change the formula with Xtend Perform?

It’s the same core formula, but we wanted to add 2 grams of Peak O2—a blend of six different organic, non-GMO mushrooms grown in the U.S.—per serving. In one University of North Carolina study, subjects who took 2 grams twice a day had a lot of improvement in oxygen efficiency. In general, the heart rate recovers more quickly, and time to exhaustion increases. I find I recover faster between sets, so I can do more sets or get out of the gym sooner. You should see results in about seven days.

Xtend Perform is $60 for a 44-serving jug at

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