How to Make Delicious, Low-Cal Rum Drinks

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Don’t be afraid to combine flavors:
“Most cocktails start with a basic rum base,” says Sean Cartwright, senior director of beverages at Atlantis, Paradise Island. “Try building upon it with other liquor to create an absolutely unique taste,” he says. “Each of our drinks combines up to four other spirits to achieve perfect, pure Caribbean flavor.”

For frozen drinks, hold the ice:
“Start your blender with just the rum, fruit, and mixers—without any ice—and combine the mixture until smooth,” says Cartwright. Then, once you’re done, blend in minimal ice, so the drink stays the ideal consistency. “This also keeps your drink from ending up too watery.”

Prep your station:
“Keep glasses chilled until you use them for the best-tasting drinks,” says Cartwright. Douse all fruit garnishes with lime juice to keep them from turning brown. And, to keep calories low, feel free to replace regular fruit juice with low-calorie or diet fruit juices.

For a few of Cartwright’s best rum recipes, check out 5 Modern Rum Drinks.


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