How Michelin-Starred Chef Teague Moriarty Keeps It Simple at Home

Teague Moriarty
Joseph Phillips

Teague Moriarty makes Michelin-starred food at Sons & Daughters in San Francisco, but at home, he’s all about batching chicken thighs and eating his mom’s special pesto with the family. — As told to Adam Erace

Mocktail Time: Seedlip

I got sober when I was 24, after getting fired from my job. I drink a lot of LaCroix, and when I want more of a cocktail, Seedlip is great. It’s an herbal mixer that’s distilled like a spirit but has no alcohol. It’s like the gin in my gin and tonic.

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Cooking for Kids: Pesto

My daughter is 7 years old and a tough critic. Her favorite thing for dinner is store-bought ravioli with my mom’s pesto. Since I was a kid, my mother has kept a huge garden, and every fall she makes big batches of pesto from her basil plants and always saves me a quart. My daughter, my fiancée, and I have the pesto at least once a week, usually with some boiled broccoli and butter.

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Fashion Statement: Hill City Pants

We did a video with the clothing company Hill City, and now everyone in the kitchen wears Everyday Tech Pants. They’re very breathable, stretch just the right amount, and are water-resistant, so anything that spills on them rolls off.

Off Duty: Surfing

I grew up surfing as a kid in Santa Cruz but got back into it about seven years ago. Now I surf almost every day. I go to Ocean Beach, where the waves can hit 8 to 10 feet. Being out there is pure joy. I would say I’m a solid average surfer. I used to run, but after completing a third marathon, I felt like I peaked. With surfing, I feel like it’s something I can do my whole life and continue to improve on. It’s also a great way to disconnect; you can’t really have your phone out there.

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braised chicken breast

Recipe Every Man Should Master: Braised Chicken Thighs

I make a big batch on a Monday and use different iterations throughout the week. It’s great by itself over rice, but we also make tacos with it, have it with beans and veggies, or a box of shells with butter, oregano, and thyme.

Secret Ingredient: MSG

I always keep a bottle of Ajinomoto MSG at home. Since it’s basically salt with an amino acid in it, it’s pretty interchangeable as an addition to anything you use salt in: soups, sauces, braised dishes—anywhere that umami flavor needs a boost.

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