How the Paleo Diet Could Strengthen Your Heart

Paleo may protect your heart main

Those Paleo proselytizers might be right after all. A new study from Chatham University and the University of Houston showed that those who followed the trendy diet—which limits foods to those early man supposedly ate, like meat, fish, fruit, and veggies—for eight weeks lowered their levels of a biomarker that predicts heart attack risk.  

Researchers had eight people who normally ate a typical Western diet high in processed foods switch to eating as much of the caveman food as they wanted. At the end of the study, participants had increased their interleukin-10, an immune molecule that tamps down inflammation that can lead to ticker trouble, by 35%.  

Bonus: They also lost weight, since the filling diet helped them eat 22% fewer calories and 44% fewer grams of carbs.

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