How to Perfect Your Portion Control During the Holidays

Thanksgiving Dinner
Nick Ferrari

Really want to survive the holiday meal with your abs intact? There’s a simple solution: Portion control.

See, just because Aunt Carol slapped four pies onto the dinner table doesn’t mean you have to eat a slice of each one. And chances are, someone brought a relatively healthy veggie dish that’s not all starch and carbs.

So when you’re composing your plate (which should be 9″ or less in diameter), fill half of it with vegetables, a quarter with the protein, and a quarter with starch (sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy), says Miranda Hammer, a registered dietician in New York City.

This is an easy way to guarantee less fat and carbs and more fiber. Also: It wouldn’t hurt to hit the gym beforehand, too.

And if Aunt Carol asks why you skipped her rhubarb pie, just tell her you’re saving room for pumpkin.

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