How to Cook and Shell a Lobster

Lobster rotator

Lobster is one of the tastiest and most nutritious foods to ever crawl out of the sea. So why do we only eat it when we’re dining out or at the beach? With these seven steps, you can make one of your favorite foods in the comfort of your own kitchen. And since lobster is also a natural aphrodisiac, staying indoors might just come in handy.

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  1. Buy a live lobster. They’re cheaper than cooked lobsters, plus they will absorb other flavors better right after cooking.
  2. Grab the biggest pot you have. Fill it with water and bring it to a rapid boil.
  3. Throw the lobster in and leave it there until it turns a vibrant, bright red and floats to the top, about 13 minutes.
  4. Transfer the lobster to a large bowl (or your sink, if it’s clean) of ice water to stop the lobster from cooking.
  5. Once it’s cool, put your lobster on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to separate the “arms” (knuckles and claws) and tail from the body.
  6. Get the meat out of the claws and knuckles by wrapping them in a cloth and smashing them with something heavy (don’t go too crazy—you don’t want to have to search for shards of shell in the meat).
  7. For the tail, cut through the shell lengthwise and the meat will pull out easily.



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