If You’re Too Lazy to Open Two Containers, Heinz Has Combined Mayo and Ketchup in One Bottle

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Did the world need mayochup, the new bottled combination of ketchup and mayo released by Heinz? Debatable. As multiple outlets have reported, Heinz originally released the concoction in the Middle East, and after a subsequent Twitter uproar, the company has decided to grace Stateside condiment lovers with mayochup as well. Last week Heinz conducted a Twitter poll to determine which lucky (or cursed) cities would get an early taste of the combo, and on Friday announced that it’s now available in stores everywhere.

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Before you run out to buy a case, let’s get one thing straight: This is a condiment for French fries. You’re likely familiar with ketchup in this scenario, but anyone who’s spent time in Belgium knows that mayo is also a great fry sidekick. Now you can have them both together, straight out of the bottle.

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Of course, the internet has lots of opinions on this supposedly new condiment. Some contend that mayochup is just salad dressing masquerading as something else:

Technically, thousand island is ketchup and mayo, but it also involves a few other ingredients like relish and onions. Others argued that real mayochup is a Puerto Rican specialty, and Heinz is decidedly late to the game:

Yes, Goya does make its own Mayo Ketchup, and according to Eater, the mayo-ketchup combination held revered place on kitchen tables across the globe long before Heinz entered the field.

Despite the controversy, Heinz is pushing forward with the rollout, and mayochup is headed for a grocery aisle near you. Whether you’re heading out to buy some or you’d rather stick with your salsa golfo or fry sauce, remember on thing—eating too many fries is bad for you.

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