Instead of Flowers, Give Her What She Really Wants: Weed

 Lowell Farms

A California cannabis grower has come up with one hell of an alternative to giving a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day: giving a bouquet of weed.

For $400, Lowell Farms will deliver one of their 500 special bud presentations for Valentine’s Day anywhere in Los Angeles.

The price is a little steep, but let’s be real: You’re paying for presentation. “Boasting full stems of cannabis flower, this bouquet is the perfect alternative to a typical stoner Valentine gift,” Lowell Farms explains. “Featuring one ounce of Purple Princess smokable flower, the stems make an aromatic statement among wildflower and eucalyptus greenery.”

This is probably the first time many people will willingly pay for weed with stems attached.

Unfortunately there are some requirements and limitations to this awesome concept. The bud bouquet is deliverable only in Los Angeles to patients with a verified doctor recommendation. That means you must be legally able to purchase weed and living in Los Angeles in order to get a bouquet.

Orders are taken by email, so the directions are slightly unclear, but we’re assuming in order for you to order one to be delivered to someone else, you have to have their paperwork, so it might make sense to buy for yourself and then just carry it to their place when it’s time to burn one down.

If you’re in a state where cannabis is still illegal, and Lowell Farms can’t help you, it may be time to text your dealer and grab a stack of Martha Stewart craft books.