Is Juicing the Healthiest Way to Get Your Greens?


I put kale in my juicer, but it seems like all the fiber and other good stuff ends up in the bin. What gives?

Trevor T., Baltimore, MD

Juicing is the fastest route to total nutrition, and a great way to 
get superhealthy 
foods you wouldn’t normally eat—ginger, for instance—into your diet regularly. That said, there are some things you lose with juicing. Because you’re extracting the juice from your vegetables and fruits, the resulting product has fewer vitamins and minerals, since the skin, which contains a tremendous amount of nutrients, is left behind. The best solution is to keep some whole produce in your diet and not rely 100% on juice.

Ian Smith, M.D., is a sports medicine specialist and the author of Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. E-mail your questions to him at

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