Is Red Wine Really As Good As We Thought?

Red wine rotator

Are you a guy who enjoys having the occasional glass of red wine? It’s okay to admit. After all, over the years we’ve all heard the research suggesting that drinking a moderate amount of red wine can actually be good for your health. Unfortunately, unless the red wine you’re drinking is of the non-alcoholic variety, then it may not be quite as healthy as we have been led to believe.

Over the course of a three-month period, researchers at the University of Barcelona in Spain conducted a study using 67 men considered to be at high cardiovascular risk. All of the men were given the same diet and beverages throughout the course of a month. One month featured gin, whereas the beverages in the other two months were red wine and non-alcoholic red wine with equal amounts of polyphenols. Following each month, participants were examined for Nitric Oxide concentration and blood pressure.

In the month where participants were drinking gin their numbers remained virtually the same as they were at the onset of the study. Red wine had impact on the Nitric Oxide concentration, though its effect on blood pressure was considered by the study authors to be non-significant. What’s most interesting to note, however, is that in the month where the men drank the non-alcoholic red wine, they had comparable changes to their Nitric Oxide concentration, and their blood pressure also had a significant reduction.

As a result, researchers concluded that whatever positive impact red wine may have on the Nitric Oxide concentration must be the result of the polyphenols in the beverage. And to think, so many of us thought it was that tasty alcoholic red wine.

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