Jack in the Box CEO Says “It Just Makes Sense” to Replace Humans With Machines

A burger and soft drink from Jack in the Box
 Facebook/Jack in the Box

Small talk at the register is going to be a whole lot harder if Jack in the Box CEO Leonard Comma has anything to do with it.

Comma told an audience at the annual ICR Conference (where business bigwigs meet to talk about investing) that “it just makes sense” to replace his human cashiers with automated tellers, according to Business Insider. He stated his belief because of the “rising cost of labor” or the rise of the minimum wage in states like California, where the chain has was founded and has many stores.

The restaurant has tested out cashier kiosks and found they increased efficiency but would be too costly to install. The company is reconsidering using new technology with 18 states raising the minimum wage in 2018. Pay now for the machines and pay less in wages to workers later.

The kiosk is something a number of fast food spaces are looking into and trying out. The beloved Shake Shack has even implemented them into an NYC location in an effort to go cashless.