Keurig (finally) Goes Big and Bold With New ‘strong Brew’ Feature

Keurig's New 'Strong Brew' Feature: Features and How to Buy
 Courtesy Keurig

Ah, coffee. It’s not only great for intensifying your workouts, but also surprisingly healthy and essential for getting an early-morning edge (or merely functioning, for some people).

The only thing better than a steaming hot cup of Joe? A steaming hot cup of Joe that you can make in your pajamas (or birthday suit, depending on how you roll)—in under a minute.

Yes, we’re talking about the Keurig.

But for all its beloved convenience—and its compact size, and its relative affordability—we’ve noticed that some Keurig coffee can taste a bit thin. Even tasty K-cups can be a bit watery compared to a regular drip coffee, let alone ultra-brewed French press. (And super-ripped dudes with pumped-up bi’s and tri’s don’t drink watery coffee.)

But that reputation could change thanks to the coffee giant’s latest offering: the Keurig K-Select. The new machine is designed with the same compactness and convenience you’d expect from its predecessors—a 52-oz water reservoir, Quiet Brew Technology—but with one special new addition that has our attention: A “strong brew” feature that boosts the strength and intensity of your home (or office) coffee.

This hopefully means that lackluster flavor and minimal caffeine will become a thing of the past. And because we rely on a delicious caffeine supply to fuel our fat-burning, flab-eliminating morning workouts, we seriously hope it does.

The Keurig K-Select is available online at and select retailers for $129.99.