Kitchen Tools Every Guy Needs [VIDEO]


Ever wonder what the hell you’re doing in the kitchen? That could be because you’re cooking with the wrong tools. Here’s the rule of thumb: if you invest more money on fewer, high-quality cooking gadgets, you can cook 5-star restaurant-caliber meals in your own kitchen, worry free.

We asked a couple of top-notch chefs and foodies — Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, Chef Jonathan Waxman owner of Barbuto Restaurant in NYC, and Bobby Deen of Cooking Channel’s Not My Mama’s Meals — for their take on kitchen essentials at Miami’s 2013 South Beach Wine & Food Festival. And they all agree: whether you’re flipping steaks for your buddies or blending margaritas poolside, every guy should have this basic arsenal of gadgets (if you want to cook more than cereal, that is…)

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Wireless Thermometer (there’s nothing worse than stringy, overcooked meat)

Two Sharp Knives (one big, one small) for chopping, cutting, and paring

Wooden Spoon for stirring, skip the flimsy whisk—it’ll break and you’ll get frustrated

Blender or Emulsifier for dressings, soups and sauces

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Color-Coded Cutting Boards (green for veg, red for meat) so you don’t cross-contaminate your ingredients and get food poisoning, or worse, give your date food poisoning

Tongs for flipping grilled meat, skip using a fork — it’ll pierce your steak, the blood will leak and you’ll end up with anything but tender loins

Nonstick Pans so you don’t have to coat your regular stainless steel pans with olive oil or butter (upping the calories of your meal!)

Two Spatulas (one with holes, one with a rounded end) to fold foods of all different consistencies more efficiently

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