Kraft Secretly Changes an Old Favorite for the Better

 Bloomberg / Getty Images

Despite all the reports that warn against it, Americans seem to like crap in their food, at least when you're talking about foods they grew up on. The reasons, however weird they may seem, could vary from worries that any subtle change might compromise the taste they've come to love, to the worry that less crap equals more money out of their pocket on the product. It's understandable, somewhat. Remember when Coca-Cola tried to introduce New Coke? Exactly. 

Recently, Kraft came up with a smart way to introduce a new recipe to an old favorite, one that swaps out artificial dyes with real spices like paprika, annatto, and turmeric, with what the company dubbed the "world's largest blind taste test." It's a pretty simple idea of introducing the new formula without telling people they were doing it, which might not sound like a big deal since they're offering up a better option; yet Kraft-Heinz has faced backlash before for trying to do better. Remember in 2010 when the company announced they were altering their famous ketchup recipe by lowering the salt content? So yeah, maybe best to just ease people into a new recipe rather than tell consumers they're changing things up.