Learn to Cook Like a Badass (for Free)


You kick ass at the gym, you dominate in the boardroom, you pride yourself on how smooth you are with the ladies—but how do you stack up in the kitchen? If you’re more of a novice than a ninja when it comes to knives…and pots and pans…and tongs…we’ve got news to change that.

Our friends at Greatist recently turned us on to a new online cooking course from a company called Feast. Their mission? To help the average bloke learn how to cook like a badass. Ready to pump up your kitchen competence so it’s finally on par with the rest of your skills? Then head to their site and sign up.

The Feast Crash Course includes seven days of free online cooking lessons delivered right to your inbox. The virtual training, which includes a mix of photos, text, and video, teaches basic culinary skills—like how to grill a steak indoors, and how to roast a whole chicken—in an easy, fun, and sometimes very funny way.  Get a week’s worth of tricks, tips, and hacks under your apron belt and you’ll be one step closer to Iron Chef territory. Read more about the classes here.

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