Macallan Is Discontinuing Two Rare, Old Single Malts from One of Its Core Ranges

Courtesy of Macallan

Sorry scotch lovers, we know this is no way to start a long weekend.

Macallan announced on Wednesday that it will stop making two bottles from its Fine Oak line. The pre-holiday news dump revealed that both the 21-year-old and 30-year-old variants from the line will cease production “with immediate effect.”

This is almost as soul crushing as it must have been for that guy that bought a $10,000 glass of fake Macallan over the summer.

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The Fine Oak line is the mellower of Macallan’s core ranges. It’s a careful blend of sherry-aged and bourbon-aged whiskies. (Macallan is known mostly for their Sherry Oak core line, which is unchanged by this announcement.)

Part of the justification for this move is guaranteeing a constant supply of other bottles; remember that if Macallan makes 18-year-old whisky today, they have less for 21-year-old in three years. And if they use sherry casks to make Fine Oak, there are fewer available for Sherry Oak.

The good news (or bad news, depending on how you look at it) is that these whiskies were already so rare that you’re not likely to have tried them anyway—particularly the 30-year-old, which we stumbled upon this morning for around $2,200 a bottle online. The bad news is that we really have no way of knowing if or when these whiskies will ever return. This is a strict supply problem: it could literally be more than three decades until they have supply to bottle another batch of Fine Oak 30.

Of course that doesn’t help those of us who want more right now. If you want to say goodbye to a favorite bottle, or try it before it disappears, grab one while you can or find a restaurant or bar serving it. Macallan assured us there will be supply left in the bar and restaurant market for a while yet as people move through the finite remaining stocks.

We’d also suggest trying Macallan’s Edition No. 3, which (shameless plug) was part of our list of great new scotches under $100. If nothing else, it’ll help with the grieving process.

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