Macallan Releases Innovative New Series Centered Around Sustainable Packaging

Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao
Macallan Harmony Collection Rich CacaoCourtesy Image

The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao is Macallan’s latest limited-edition release. It’s gimmick and camp to the best possible end—and (thankfully) not a chocolate-flavored Macallan liqueur (we’re not saying we wouldn’t try it). Instead, this Macallan edition is named for its packaging.

Now, packaging is normally the least interesting part of any spirit. But this particular bottle is different. Macallan Harmony Rich Cacao is presented in a fully recyclable and biodegradable box made from “cacao pod remnants,” which are leftovers normally discarded as a byproduct from the chocolate-making process.

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In reference to the cacao box, the whisky itself has been blended with an eye (nose and tongue) toward chocolatey flavors. To do this, the masterminds at Macallan had to taste through their stocks for sherry cask whiskies that had notes of chocolate, from which they eventually assembled the components to make Rich Cacao.

Gimmicks are gimmicks, and this is certainly a gimmick. And yet, flavored Ruffles were once a gimmick. Coca-Cola Classic was once a gimmick. It turns out that some gimmicks are, well, more than just gimmicks.

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Projects like these tend to turn out very nice whiskies. You need look no further than the beloved Macallan Edition Series of whiskies. These six bottles were all priced around $100 retail, and each represented a unique formulation of Macallan at an unbeatable price.

Bottle of whisky next to box
Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao Courtesy Image

Macallan has also continued to release the Cask Strength limited series as well, which hasn’t gotten the respect it deserves for affordably priced sherry-finished single malt. But if it stays easy to find, we’re not going to be the ones to complain.

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If Macallan wants to justify more of these projects with some serious conversations about sustainability in the whisky world, we see no losers. At $160 a bottle, we also see no reason not to give this limited-edition Macallan a shot, particularly if you enjoy the chocolatier things in life (and scotch).

Macallan’s notes say this whisky is the color of toasted cacao beans, with aromas of chocolate fondant, honey, oak, zesty lime and ginger.” On the palate, they say it shows “dark chocolate, honey, dates, vanilla and cinnamon,” with a long rich finish of, you guessed it, chocolate.

This death by chocolate whisky is available now in retail outlets and and

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