This Magic Cookie Helped Mark Cuban Lose 15 Pounds

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Nick Ferrari

In early 2012, baker Doug Saraci, of Jupiter, FL, had seen Mark Cuban on Shark Tank and thought “he seemed more decent than the other people on the show,” he says. So he sent him a box of the notoriously healthy cookies he’d created.

Cuban liked them so much he e-mailed Saraci, and by that July they were working together on what became Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies.

No, the company’s seemingly oxymoronic name is not a joke. “Since I started eating this cookie every morning for breakfast, I’ve lost 15 pounds,” says Cuban. “I’m obsessed.”

The cookies are gluten-free, made with zero added sugars, and bite-size—Cuban’s idea, so consumers can eat just one or two then close up the package.

His favorite is the Healthy Oatmeal Bite, sweetened with chicory root fiber (which has 1 calorie/gram, vs. refined sugar’s 4), and low on the glycemic index, so there’s no sugar crash. It also has 8g fiber/serving, 32% of the RDA.

In fact, Cuban loves Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies (which also come in dark chocolate almond, pure almond, cranberry coconut almond, and healthy vegan) so much, he actually caused the website to crash back in 2014, when he admitted on air to radio host Dan Patrick that it was the best investment he’d ever made.

“These things are high-fiber, low-carb, and they taste amazing,” he told Patrick. “It’s all I‘ll eat anymore.”

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