Make Her Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate strawberries_rota

Maybe you think they’re a cliché, or maybe it just seems like a lot of work; either way, your girl loves them and the whole thing takes about three minutes. Here’s how you do it.

What You’ll Need:

¼ lb. dark chocolate, cut into 1-inch pieces
6 strawberries (preferably with long stems)

How to Make It:

Wash the strawberries and then dry them thoroughly so that the chocolate will hold. Put the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and nuke at 50% power–stop and stir every 30 seconds–until the pieces are fully melted. Once it’s all melted, dip the bottom two-thirds of each strawberry into the bowl. You can eat them right then, or lay them out on a sheet of wax paper and chill in the fridge for later.

Warning: These are delicious, and you’ll probably crave them again the next day. If this is the case, at least make it worth your while by throwing some protein into the mix—literally. Fold in a scoop of chocolate or vanilla whey protein powder—or casein, if you’re snacking at night—to the melted chocolate right after it comes out the microwave. This actually makes the texture more interesting, and adds purpose to the dish beyond addictive flavor.

The Numbers

(For protein version)
Calories: 777
Protein: 26g
Carbs: 79g
Fat: 41g
Fiber: 11g

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