The Makers of PBR Are Now Selling ‘Not Your Father’s Bourbon’

 Image via Pabst

Pabst keeps folks buzzed with PBR, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee and its Not Your Father’s Hard Root Beer. But now the privately owned company is getting even harder.

Pabst, a part owner of the Not Your Father’s brand of alcoholic beverages, will soon be distributing Not Your Father’s Bourbon. The 86-proof whiskey is currently available in Wisconsin and Illinois and will be in stores nationwide at the beginning of 2018, according to release from the company. The bourbon is supposed to be enjoyed in cocktails or—of course—added to a Not Your Father’s Root Beer, which makes for a beverage that’s “hard to refuse.”

The bourbon will feature a “touch of Madagascar vanilla” to give it a bit of sweetness, making it unlike that bourbon your father is drinking. Unless, you know, he drops some Madagascar vanilla extract in it. 

The whiskey will be made by Wisconsin-based Minhas Distillery, which turns out Gold Coast Rum, Alamo Tequila, and Chinook Signature Rye Whiskey. You can find out more about the new bourbon here.