Let’s Get Weird: Could California Legalize Magic Mushrooms?

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One California mayoral candidate feels his constituents should be able to pop magic mushrooms because of how much the Trump presidency is stressing them out. 

According to Newsweek, Kevin Saunders, who’s in the running to lead the city of Marina, said he feels getting his fellow residents legal access to a little psilocybin could bring on serious change. He is looking to get 365,880 voter signatures by April so the legalization bid can be included on a statewide ballot. If the ‘shrooms did become legal, they would be available for those over 21-years-old. 


Mushrooms Are the Safest Drug

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Along with opening new avenues in peoples’ minds, Saunders also thinks the mushrooms could treat some mental illnesses and other ailments plaguing his voters. 

“The world is really hurting and everybody is at a loss about what’s going on right now with Trump, Brexit, the refugee crisis and everything else. I’m at a loss at what to do politically, but the only thing I feel like we could do is get psilocybin into more people’s hands,” Saunders said. “It could allow people to figure out what to do and could revolutionize the way we treat those with depression, addiction and cluster headaches.”

Saunders has yet to get his thousands of signatures, but wants people to know how mushrooms helped him out of a five-year addiction to heroin in 2003. He said taking the substance helped him understand why his usage of the harder drug. He’s now been clean for 15 years.

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