Master These 5 Steps to Become King of the Grill

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Guys love to grill. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a total novice, here are five ways to improve your grill game.

1. Do your prep

If you throw meat on the grill right away, it’ll end up overcooking while you’re running around looking for your hardware. Grab a set of tongs, a large fork, a carving board, and your marinade, and put them by the grill ahead of time.

2. Raise the steaks

Their temperature, that is. We’ve all seen meat that ends up raw on the inside and charred on the outside. That’s a dead giveaway that it was either too cold to start, cooked at too high a temperature, or wasn’t properly rested. Take your meat out of the fridge a half-hour before you cook, and let it come up to room temperature on its own.

Meat by the numbers (per 3.5-oz serving)

Veal: Calories: 224, protein: 33g, fat: 9g
Tuna: Calories: 182, protein: 30g, fat: 6g
NY strip steak: Calories: 235, protein: 28g, fat: 13g
Lamb chop: Calories: 186, protein: 27g, fat: 8g
Salmon: Calories: 204, protein: 22g, fat: 12g
Pork chop: Calories: 216, protein: 28g, fat: 11
Scallops: Calories: 102, protein: 19g, fat: 1g
Shrimp: Calories: 118, protein: 23g, fat: 2g


3. Preheat the grill

People often make the mistake of not cooking hot enough, which means you don’t get enough caramelization on the outside of the meat. You’ll know the grill is ready when you’re barely able to hold your hand an inch above it.

4. Don’t flip-flop

This one is simple: turn meat once only. As in, cook the meat on one side, then turn it and cook on the other side. This is important. Giving each side the proper time to cook allows the middle of the meat to heat properly.

5. Wait, then plate

Whenever something comes off the grill, it has to rest half the time it took to cook. So if it took 10 minutes to grill a steak, put aluminum foil over it to hold in the heat, and then let it rest for five minutes. Resting lowers the core temperature of the meat, so when you carve it the juices stay inside.

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