An Environmental Crisis Inspired This Green “Algae” Beer

 Image via Maumee Bay Facebook

Maumee Bay Brewing Company has made an “algae beer” that has the green glow of toxic ooze. 

While double IPA doesn’t contain actual algae (just matcha powder for color and kiwi for taste), it was made to raise visibility of the drinking water quality of local Lake Erie. Three years ago, residents of nearby Toledo, Ohio woke up and were unable to drink the lake’s water, as a toxic algae bloom was sitting on top of the water intake. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report last month that showed the issue is still making people sick.

Because water being such a vital part in the brewing process, the Maumee Bay team wanted to nod to the ongoing problem. The green beer is a double sour IPA that boasts a 7.5% alcohol level and was originally begun as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tribute. According to, the brewery decided to go the algae route when one of its fans with the Ohio Environmental Council asked about doing a joint project for awareness.

Now if only someone would do the same thing for the people of Flint.