Mayor Mick’s Fruit Salad

Mayor Cornett has become a fruit salad connoisseur since putting Oklahoma City (and himself) on a diet


In a recent interview with, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett spoke about getting his city to eat healthier. When asked about the possibility of changing the official state dish—which currently consists of cornbread, sausage gravy, chicken fried steak, and pecan pie—he replied, “Fruit salad would be my No. 1 choice.”

Here is Mayor Mick’s simple recipe

2 Apples (with peel)
2 Oranges
2 Bananas
1 Pineapple (fresh, not canned)

Slice generous size chunks of Apples (do not peel the apples), Oranges and Pineapples into a large mixing bowl. Slice each grape in half and toss into the bowl. Mix well.

Bananas are only added at the time of serving. One half banana per serving.

Makes four large servings.

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