McDonald’s Asks Itself, “Is McDonald’s Beef Real?”

McDonald’s Asks Itself, “Is McDonald’s Beef Real?”

McDonald’s is answering your deepest, darkest, pink-slimiest questions on Twitter right now. The campaign comes in conjunction with a new video featuring everyone’s favorite former MythBuster, Grant Imahara, entering the grounds of the meat factory where the fast food empire sources its beef.

It’s really quite reassuring to see cold metal machines shaping thousands of bloody patties while Imahara asks, “So you don’t pour in any wood pulp or other kinds of meat?”

Of course not.

But now you know that somewhere, some other meat factory is probably pouring wood pulp into its meat. 

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Here’s some of the best questions MccDonald’s has answered. 

Let’s see. Potatoes? Salt? And What Else?

Are you hungry for a burger now?

Sounds a little shaky

But what is Glop?


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