Meet Thick Mint, A Craft Beer Inspired by Girl Scout Cookies’ Thin Mints


For some odd reason, craft beer and Girl Scout Cookies is a pairing destined to pop up in beer drinkers’ minds, media, and inboxes time and time again.

At least one thing beer and those badge-earning sweets have in common is that people get really excited for them, and can have very polarizing opinions about which flavors and varieties offer the best.

While our mental palates tend to tire of the Girl Scout Cookie beer pairing roundups (to be fair, this is most likely a residual effect of endless hours walking door to door selling the damn things during the always-cold “cookie season”), one Girl Scout Cookie sighting we don’t mind seeing in the beer world is the recently released Thick Mint, a Thin Mint–inspired imperial stout from Southern Tier Brewing.

The Thin Mint is a tried and true Girl Scout Cookie that’s been around for decades, and for good reason: they’re a thin chocolate wafer with a minty freshness that offers just enough dark chocolate decadence and crunch while lifting the spirits with its airy, spearmint freshness. They’re poppable, edible on the go, and as Beer Street Journal points out, they’re also really good when stored in the freezer, which incidentally keeps them “fresh” (or at the very least, edible) all year long.

Enter Thick Mint, the latest in Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series of dessert beers (past iterations include Creme Brûlée, Choklat, and Mokah). The imperial stout is brewed with chocolate and mint, fermented to a tipsy 10 percent ABV and imparts intoxicating aromas of chocolate, roasted malts, and mint. The flavor leans more toward dark chocolate than mint, but make no mistake: this beer is a sweet dessert. It’s full-bodied, moderately bitter, and lightly carbonated, ready to slide its silky smooth self down your throat.

Drink it on its own, slurp it over a scoop of ice cream, or what the heck, pair it with Thin Mints. Rock that dad bod, you deserve it.

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