Mela Water’s Watermelon Water is the New Hot Electrolyte Drink

Mela Water

After a tough workout or just mowing the lawn, the first thing you want is a drink. And not just any drink, something that is going to really quench your thirst and replenish you for the rest of that to-do list and day. Many people grab for sugary sports drinks or coconut water which, to most, tastes like sweat. But people around the country are becoming aware of the new electrolyte drink in town, watermelon water.

Mela Water’s watermelon water contains electrolytes, antioxidants and has the same sugar content as coconut water, with a much more pleasing flavor. Watermelon water tastes like watermelon! Not like water scooped up from a puddle the day after a storm. And Mela Water comes in an assortment of fun and exciting flavors like watermelon, watermelon passionfruit, watermelon pineapple and watermelon ginger!

It’s 100 percent all-natural from watermelons in East Asia; there is no added sugar, and it offers superior hydration with the number of electrolytes and antioxidants delivered in each can. Mela Water makes the switch away from synthetic sports drinks and uninspiring coconut water brands a no brainer, and their growth over the last few years proves it!

Mela Water’s Success

This year alone, Mela Water has grown 4x. Their homegrown approach of giving the consumer what they want and not falling asleep at the wheel like larger brands have significantly contributed to their success. The company’s products are now available from the Canadian to the Mexican border on the West Coast and are moving inland. They recently launched in retailers like Safeway and Albertsons in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, and the state of Arizona. Additionally, Mela fans can find Mela Water nationally by purchasing it through Amazon while they are waiting to see it in their favorite retail stores.

In the coming year, Mela Water plans to expand its products to Chicago, Miami, Austin and New York. The expansion will allow the company to quadruple in size again by the end of 2023 — meaning that not only will America be pleasingly well-hydrated, but their philanthropic efforts in East Asia will expand as well.

The Brains Behind Mela Water

Dominic Purpura started Mela Water with the goal of helping people worldwide. He understood that health and hydration were becoming a trend and thought, what about watermelons? They are 92% water. So, after some research and testing on family and friends, he got work creating the Mela Brand.

He knew that watermelons grow year-round in Eastern Asia, so he headed there to source his fruit. He formed partnerships with local farmers and figured out a way to give back to the community. With dedication and persistence, Dominic created a successful and soon-to-be national brand. (Maybe a quote about the future here).

So do something different and stay ruthlessly rebellious while visiting paradise in a can with Mela Water. You can use the store locator on the website to find Mela Water near you, or buy it on the Mela Water website or Amazon today!

Written in Partnership with Amir Bakian

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