Men’s Journal Readers: Get Exclusive Access To The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo For A Limited Time

The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo
Proclamation GoodsProclamation Goods

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The holidays are here and that means a lot of cooking. Even if you aren’t hosting a party, you might have to bring a dish to the event. If you have to cook some holiday meals this year, you won’t have a better time preparing your meal with The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo. And right now, you can get it before anyone else.

Proclamation Goods makes some of the best cookware out there. We can say that from personal experience because we got some ourselves. It really does make cooking a whole lot easier. The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo is the best selling item in the store that has been sold out until now. And Men’s Journal readers will get exclusive access to it for a limited time.

What makes The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo so popular and effective? For one, it is the convenience that it affords. You have 2 pieces of cookware that can turn into one. A stainless steel hybrid pot and a carbon steel skillet, with a stainless steel lid for both. Or you can hook them up to make a dutch oven. You won’t have much-wasted space in the kitchen with this in your life.

The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo
Proclamation Goods

Another reason why The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo is so great is that carbon steel is amazing. It’s similar to cast iron but delivers a much better experience. The amount of heat this can endure is out of this world. The skillet alone can go up to 700°F. Each piece can go on the stovetop, the oven, the grill, or even over a campfire.

The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo is incredibly durable. The skillet is heat-treated and pre-seasoned, which keeps it together the longer you use it. Not only that, but it gets more seasoned the more you use it. Any cooking tools can be used with them without worry about damage. And cleanup is easy as can be. No need to use soap. Just scrub it down and occasionally use a high heat cooking fat.

Chances are really high that while The Proclamation Carbon Steel Duo pans may last forever, but this limited inventory won’t. The deadline for shipping to get it in before Christmas is December 16th. So you should take advantage of this exclusive window to pick one up for yourself or as a gift for a loved one now. You’ll have a much easier time in the kitchen when this made in the USA beauty is in your life.

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