Mexico Is Running Out of Beer With Breweries Deemed ‘Non-Essential’

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Everyone has their own coping mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it’s a rigorous workout regimen. For others, it’s mellow meditation. And for many, it’s cracking open a cold beer at the end of the day. However, for the people of Mexico, that might not be a possibility: Mexico is suffering from a beer shortage, reports Fox News.

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The “essential” and “non-essential” mandates vary across national governments. The freeze in beer production in Mexico happened over a month ago, and now businesses and shop owners are in a precarious situation. There have even been reports that a “beer black market” of sorts has been created, where sellers have been marking up the retail price to more than double, according to The Guardian.

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President of Cerverceros de Mexico, Karla Siquieiros, told a local newspaper the company isn’t producing any beer whatsoever, reports Fox News. However, other companies are still able to produce beer for export.

Across the country, the hashtag #LaÚltimaChela—which translates to “the last beer”—has been trending on Twitter, with people posting photos of their precious last beer. All jokes aside, retailers will feel the impact if production is continuously halted, as beer sales during the warmer months can account for up to 40 percent of sales for smaller businesses, The Guardian reports.

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It goes without saying that the shortage of beer is affecting many people who live in Mexico, and some people are even resorting to crossing the U.S. boarder to purchase some brew. One man from the city of Reynosa scoured eight stores in three neighborhoods, only to walk away empty handed, reports The Hustle. With the thought of paying three-times the normal price, the man was eventually able to buy a 6-pack of Corona in Texas.

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