MF Interviews Chef Bobby Deen

If you thought your mom was the world’s premier workout-wrecking chef, meet Bobby Deen, who grew up on the down-home, cream-and-butter-laden dishes of Food Network star Paula Deen. (She once deep-fried a cheesecake, guys.)

Instead of surrendering to the saturated fat and letting his health spiral out of control, though, Bobby—now a chef himself—rebelled in the most respectful way a loving son could: He went on a mission to make over his mother’s beloved recipes, slashing the fat and calories with some smart, well-researched substitutions.

In fact, that’s exactly what he does as the host of Not My Mama’s Meals on the Cooking Channel and in his new book, From Mama’s Table to Mine, where you won’t—somehow, some way— find a single recipe over 350 calories. And that’s a feat, considering the avid runner and jiu-jitsu addict tackled everything from fried chicken fried steak to red velvet cake.

Does that make you want to know more? Men’s Fitness caught up with Bobby at the 2013 Sobe Wine & Food Festival in Miami. Check out the video above to get the secret swaps that make his comfort food meals light and lean. (You won’t believe what he puts in his Mac & Cheese…)

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