MF Interviews Chef Spike Mendelsohn

The supermarket can be a scary place, which is why we asked chef and owner of We The Pizza and Good Stuff Eatery, Spike Mendolsohn, for tips on getting the right groceries. Turns out, he has a way to actually enjoy grocery shopping:

Find a pretty girl who is also grocery shopping, and follow her. Pick up whatever she does, and if you manage to do this in a non-creepy way, maybe you’ll have someone to cook dinner for.

Navigating the supermarket is not all Spike is good for though. We interviewed the chef at 2013’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival to get some tips on how to indulge in your favorite meals in a healthy way. Running pizza and burger joints definitely qualifies him as a comfort food king, but between sports and healthy swaps, Spike has maintained a healthy lifestyle (without setting foot in a gym!)

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One way Spike makes comfort food healthier is with substitutions; one that he recommends is swapping out a white hamburger bun for a multi-grain bun. It’s simple swaps like this that make a meal less detrimental to your health.

Check out this video for more healthy swaps and Spike’s easy roasted chicken recipe for novice cooks. 

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