Miles Teller Becomes Co-owner of Long Drink, a Finnish-Inspired Booze Brand

The Long Drink and Miles Teller
Courtesy Image; Doug Inglish

Most celebrity-endorsed ventures can seem strictly opportunistic—especially when it comes to booze. The brand wants the big-name association and the celebrity wants the paycheck, all the while the masses are skeptical as to whether the celebrity even knows or cares how the spirit tastes. That’s not the case for Miles Teller.

The actor recently took on equity in Long DrinkForbes reports—a canned spirit (5.5%ABV) inspired by Finland comprising gin with natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors. The partnership boiled down to a serendipitous tasting in a New York City liquor store in spring 2018.

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Lucky for co-founders Sakari Manninen and Ere Partanen, Teller sampled Long Drink from them and loved it. Like really loved it. After having cases of the stuff shipped to his home in LA and a few more encounters with Manninen, Partanen, and their other co-founder Evan Burns, the team moved forward with bringing Teller on to “help lead in creative strategy, telling the story of long drink, and building key partnerships,” according to their site.

If you’re not familiar (most Americans aren’t), a “long drink” (lonkero) is a category of alcohol native to Finland, the roots of which trace back to Helsinki during the 1952 Summer Games, according to Long Drink. The country was recovering from WWII. So, in an effort to serve hoards of visitors quickly, they came up with the “long drink,” mixing batches of gin and grapefruit soda. Due to rampant popularity, production of the mixed drink continued.

And now you, too, can enjoy the canned beverage in select states across America. We have a feeling you won’t miss your spiked seltzers.

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