Miller High Life Ends 2020 With Champagne Bottle and WiFi-Connected Coasters to Toast From Afar

Miller High Life champagne glasses

During the dark nights of an ongoing pandemic, a shining light appears.

Well, two shining lights—embedded into the high-tech coasters for a pair of holiday champagne glasses from the intoxicating minds at Miller High Life.

Recognizing this socially distanced holiday season will include plenty of tipsy video calls, the second glass arrives prepackaged; the idea is you ship it onward to your toasting partner of choice.

Miller High Life champagne glasses toaster coupe

These so-called holiday coupes—coupe as in French-style champagne glass, not a 2-door fastback with plastic wreath mounted on the grille—will naturally be WiFi enabled. When both drinkers raise their glasses, the coasters will festively illuminate.

An alternative is to keep both glasses for yourself and, in the event of holiday blackouts, double-fist your way to safety.

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Miller High Life

And what might financially stressed Americans—with limited budgets for holiday partying—pour into these glasses? Luckily, if the price of real champagne feels unrealistic, Miller’s got your covered with its latest 750ml High Life champagne bottle.

With red-foil on the neck, it looks like real champagne. It pours like real champagne. And it tastes like holiday savings. A 750ml champagne bottle of High Life will sell for $3.49.

On sale now (Dec. 15), the holiday champagne glasses will cost $19.03, a before-tax nod to the year High Life was released.

When adding an estimated 7.25 percent sales tax? The total comes to $20.40—hopefully not a prediction of the year when America will finally return to normal.

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