Spread Holiday Cheer and Debauchery With Miller High Life’s Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit

Miller High Life's Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit
Miller High Life

Some people build gingerbread houses for the holidays. Others sit around the bar at their favorite dive arguing loudly about whose turn it is to buy the next round. Thanks to the geniuses—and that’s not a word we use lightly—at Miller High Life, these two groups can celebrate together with the Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit.

When gingerbread houses were first built in 16th-century Germany, they were elaborate houses with decorations of foil and gold leaf. Little did the makers of these elaborate houses know that pinnacle of their craft would arrive 500 years later, created by a Wisconsin brewer. Fittingly, Miller High Life says their new kit is “a bit less ‘North Pole’ and a bit more ‘Milwaukee.’ ”

Gingerbread for the rest of us

If you’ve misspent any of your life at dive bars, you’ll see few details were left unrealized. Along with candy cane bar stools, there’s also vintage Miller High Life wall art and neon made from sugar. There’s even a customizable entrance sign that will help make this gingerbread dive your own. And those “premium” gingerbread walls? They’re infused with the Champagne of Beers—aka Miller High Life.

Miller High Life macrobrew

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To keep your gingerbread “regulars” happy, there’s a Select-O-Matic jukebox and an edible pool table with pretzel stick cues. The pool table has working lights, but just like any watering hole worth its salt, they’re dim. There’s even a candy cornhole set under the pergola-covered outdoor area.

Our favorite detail in the kit is the sticky floors, a trait that all dive bars share. The kit includes packets of Vermont maple syrup to drizzle across the Miller High Life-branded floor.

Miller High Life's Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit
Miller High Life

If building a gingerbread dive bar sounds perfectly in line with your holiday plans this year, you can order your own Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit for $50 starting on December 6.

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