Milo Ventimiglia’s Favorite Meals Are Surprisingly Simple

Milo Ventimiglia is no slouch in the gym, but staying fit for the camera is as much about his nutrition as powering through a killer boxing workout. We sat down with the Men’s Journal November 2018 cover star to talk about his favorite dishes to serve up in the kitchen, and discovered that his cooking mantra is pretty straightforward: Ventimiglia aims to “be healthy and eat good stuff,” he said matter-of-factly during the cover shoot.

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At home, Ventimiglia mostly chows down on dishes with beans and rice, or different kinds of pasta. As he explains it, simple meals like these check three important boxes: They’re easy to whip up when he’s short on time; they’re healthy; and they make for a quick cleanup after he’s finished cooking (always a plus).

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Portion control is another important part of how he stays in shape. You won’t find Ventimiglia housing family-sized meals. He’d much rather snack throughout the day, and he recently discovered that his grazing habit might be something he inherited from his parents. His snack of choice? All kinds of nuts, which he keeps in jars in his kitchen for when the midday munchies strike.

“I feel like I’m more of a snack guy than a big meal guy,” he said.

Learn more about Ventimiglia’s favorite meals in the video, and check out his profile in the November issue of Men’s Journal, on newsstands now.

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