Molson Coors Created an Amazon Dash Button for Beer

carling beer button
The Carling beer button puts the lager in an online shopping cart.

The U.S. may lead the world in beer innovation, but the U.K. might have an edge when it comes to beer buying. Molson Coors brand Carling just unveiled a beer-ordering button for British fans, similar to Amazon Dash, that automatically orders a case of the blonde lager. Like Amazon Dash buttons, which can automatically order the foods that would accompany Carling (namely Doritos and Red Bull), or help clean up after you clean out a case a Carling, this beer button connects to your phone and helps you place an order.


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It does fall a step short of Amazon's one-click purchasing, however, as the beer button only places the Carling in an online shopping cart for one of the five retailers available. You're also, very unfortunately, limited to Carling. You've maybe heard of Carling Black Label, a Canadian classic — depending who you ask. But this is the Canadian brewery's U.K. offering, a four percent ABV adjunct (rice or corn) lager that's received a score of 64 out of 100 on That's good enough for a "Poor" rating. The review scale on is less generous, giving Carling a 1 out of 100. And no, that's not the top score.

But the quality of Carling is largely beside the point, because pressing the beer button doesn't result in immediate beer. You can expect to wait a day or more for a spot on the schedule of the U.K. grocery delivery services, and how often do you have the foresight to plan a beer delivery days in advance? More often, we simply realize we need beer when we run out of beer.

This is where there's good news for lovers of better beer, no matter what country they're in: There are already delivery companies that'll bring you beer in a moment of need. Services like Tipsy, Minibar, Saucey, and Drizly are designed to bring everything from IPAs to Scotch to Champagne to your doorstep in an hour or less, via their apps. True, you will have to tap more than a single button. But for a few extra seconds of inconvenience, you'll have your fridge refilled without having to leave your BBQ or couch.

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