The Sauce That Goes Great With Anything

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Courtesy Momofuku

We all have that favorite condiment we like to pour over our food. There are serious hot-sauce fiends, people that can't get enough pepper on top of everything, and others who have to have extra sauce for their BBQ brisket or ribs that already come drowning in the stuff. Some of us instinctively reach for the ketchup whenever we're presented with a burger and fries, while others ask for mayo. There are even people out there who like to dump salsa on just about anything they can, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Yet the fact remains that finding a truly versatile condiment, one that improves a dish rather than masking its flavor or rendering it so spicy that you can't really taste anything during the meal, or for several hours after, is tough.

Mj 390_294_kimchi is giving classic american food a new kick

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Enter David Chang and his Ssäm Sauce. Chang's take on gochujang, the fermented Korean condiment that usually has a texture like a really thick ketchup, is combined with soy sauce, miso, sake, and rice vinegar, to make it an actual sauce instead of something you'd have to spoon onto your food. A staple at any Momofuku restaurant you go to, Ssäm Sauce has made countless perfect plates of pork and bowls of ramen just that much better, and now it can be appreciated on just about any dish your heart desires beyond the doors of Chang's popular restaurants, thanks to the new bottled version that's now available. The perfect balance of spice and tang, Ssäm Sauce's unique balance makes it perfect for just about anything you can image. Unlike, say, ketchup, which doesn't work well with pizza, or mayo, something you probably wouldn't put on top of scrambled eggs, Ssäm Sauce is a versatile condiment that can give anything you put on the table a whole new life. 

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