The Most Filling, Lowest-calorie Superfoods for Weight Loss

The Most Filling, Lowest-calorie Superfoods for Weight Loss

Hoping to lose weight but don’t want to miss out on nutrients? Put your efforts toward eating groups of food that leave you satisfied and full in the healthiest way possible. Follow this guideline.

1. Eat foods high in fiber, protein, and water

Fiber, protein, and water are what make you feel satiated. That means:

  • Lentils and black beans will give heft to any meal without unnecessary calories.
  • Lean chicken and broccoli should be your meat and veggie go-tos.
  • Watermelon can’t be beat for a filling, low-cal fruit.

2. Eat viscous foods

Don’t discount psychology: Studies show that people perceive viscous foods (thick in texture—between a liquid and solid) as more filling, so think:

  • Yogurt (also a good protein source)
  • Oatmeal (also good for fiber)
  • Thick puréed vegetable soups

3. Eat low-cal foods that have lots of volume

Eating what looks like a large quantity makes people feel more satisfied with fewer calories, so opt for:

  • Huge leafy salads
  • Big bowls of soup
  • Chicken pounded to plate size

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