Mountain Dew Melts Mice

Mountain dew mouse_teaser

Yet another reason to think twice when you’re craving a can of sugary, neon green Mountain Dew—it melts mice. If that’s the case, imagine what on earth it would do to your insides? When Ronald Ball brought a lawsuit to PepsiCo, the makers of Mountain Dew, claiming he had found a dead mouse inside a can of the popular soft drink, the attention quickly went from the claim to PepsiCo’s stunning defense. They laughed off the accusation, saying that finding a dead mouse would be impossible…because the soda would have dissolved the mouse into a gelatinous goo by the time Ball got his hands on it. Clearly the company’s legal and PR departments don’t collaborate before they make statements. In the affidavit, published by the Smoking Gun, Lawrence McGill, a veterinarian hired by the company to investigate Ball’s claim, debunks the story. Ball says he opened a can of Mountain Dew that he bought from his office vending machine, took a sip, immediately threw up, and upon emptying its contents into a Styrofoam cup, found the dead mouse in question. McGill, who examined the mousey remains, found that it was between two to four weeks old, and possibly even a baby rat. He also concluded that it was dead before it was exposed to the Mountain Dew. But his most important finding was that the mouse’s body was fully intact, which he says isn’t possible given the composition of the soda. In 30 days, the acidity of Mountain Dew, which has a pH of 3.43, would have turned the furry guy into mouse pudding. He writes, “All of the mouse’s structures will have disintegrated to the point the structures (excepting possibly a portion of the tail) will not be recognizable and, therefore, the animal itself will not be recognizable. Instead, after 30 days in the fluid, the mouse will have been transformed into a ‘jelly-like’ substance.” Ball bought, and drank, the can of soda 74 days after it was sealed in the factory. Case closed.

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