New Study: Where to Find the Cheapest Cases of Beer by State

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We here at Men’s Journal spend a lot of time thinking about, drinking, and tirelessly sharing knowledge surrounding the many wonderful beers available in America. But sometimes life calls for large quantities of liquid bread for as little dough as possible. Enter the 24-pack of light lager.

So if light lager with an even lighter price tag is what you’re after, you’re in luck: Simply Thrifty Living, a budget-hunting blog conducted a study tallying up the average prices for a 24-pack of light beer in every state and D.C., and the results are in.

To find the cheapest case, researchers looked for the average prices of Bud Light and Miller Light cases (24-packs of 12-ounce cans) from two major national retailers, Walmart and Total Wine. In each state, 10 retailers from different zip codes were included in the price hunt, and both urban and rural areas were mindfully included.

Michigan residents will be happy to know that the cheapest case of beer is available in their state, averaging at just $14.62 for 24 cold ones. Runners up are (surprisingly, actually) California at $14.87, and Illinois at an even $15. Three states, by the way, that have extremely prominent beer cultures and hundreds of independent breweries offering up much more variety than the average 24-pack of macro light lager.

The most “expensive” 24-packs of beer are in Pennsylvania, where cases are priced at an average of $21.98 per case (and where, until recently, beer had to be purchased by the case). Following Pennsylvania are Tennessee, at a similarly pricey $21.97, and Texas, at $21.66.

An infographic of these stats is available here, in case you’re interested. The takeaway for us, though, is that in any of these cases, your beer costs less than a dollar a can. A bargain, for sure, but come on. Do you really want to be drinking that?

Here are the top 10 cheapest states for a 24-pack of Bud Light or Miller Light

1. Michigan

2. California

3. Illinois

4. North Carolina

5. Connecticut

6. South Carolina

7. Indiana

8. Virginia

9. Arizona

10. Nebraska

The top 10 most expensive states for a 24-pack of Bud Light or Miller Light

1. Pennsylvania

2. Tennessee

3. Texas

4. North Dakota

5. Rhode Island

6. Nevada

7. Oklahoma

8. Alaska

9. Wyoming

10. Washington, D.C. 

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