The New Super Fruit


Pears aren’t really a go-to snack for most of us—but maybe they should be. As Food Research International reports, the skin, pulp, and juice of Bartlett and Starkrimson pears (the latter is a sweet, red-skinned Missouri variety) make them unsung heroes of the fruit world.

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Pears’ phenols—compounds with antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties—keep the starch from high-carb foods from quickly turning into glucose, combating type-2 diabetes; pulp from Bartletts can lower blood pressure; and fermented pear juice can inhibit H. pylori, an ulcer-causing stomach bacteria.

“When eaten regularly, fruit like pears, with fiber and soluble phenols, can act as an antidote to a high-sugar, high-calorie diet,” says study author Kalidas Shetty, Ph.D.

Additional research seconds these finding. Professor of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota, Joanna Slavin, Ph.D., conducted a systematic review of studies from PubMed and discovered pears (in addition to the above health benefits) can protect and lower your risk of stroke. Pears—as well as other flavonoid-rich foods—were also associated with a reduced risk of death from coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.  

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