New Vegan-Paleo Hybrid: the Pegan Diet

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We gave you the low down on the Paleo diet from the beginner’s guide to the shopping list, and we showed you how to build muscle as a vegetarian or vegan with protein powders and healthy foods. Now we’re flipping everything you know about the two and showing you a new eating plan: The Pegan Diet. 

“By combining the principles of these two diets and reducing their specific dietary restrictions, you get a diet that’s better balanced in regards to macronutrients, and easier to follow than a strictly paleo or vegan diet,” Caroline Cederquist MD, creator of bistroMD and author of The MD Factor told CNN

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The marriage of these two diet plans compensates for their individual constraints—since paleo dieters are prohibited from eating grains and vegans struggle to get enough protein.  

According to CNN, 75 percent of your diet with consist of plants (fruits and vegetables) and 25 percent with animal protein (grass-fed, antibiotic-free chicken, beef, fish, and eggs) and high-quality fats (avocadoes, nuts, and olive, coconut, and avocado oils). You’ll be allowed to consume gluten-free whole grains like quinoa and lentils—both nutritional powerhouses for vegans. However, you’ll avoid legumes (peanuts and certain beans), dairy, soy, and sugar.  

If you’re looking for a great new fat-loss eating plan that isn’t as constricting as diets like The Whole30 (like Paleo, only stricter), the Paleo diet, and vegan or vegetarianism, then this hybrid diet may just be what you need. If you’re looking to build mass and muscle, though, this isn’t the most conducive eating plan what with its lack of protein and ban on beans. See The Best Diet Plans For Men to see what diet best suits your lifestyle goals and training needs. 

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