NJ County Warns Trick-or-Treaters to Look Out For Weed Edibles

 Photo by Vince Chandler / The Denver Post / Getty Images

More like Narc Jersey. 

Officials in Gloucester County, New Jersey, have put out a warning to kids to be on the lookout for marijuana edibles being handed out this Halloween, according to a report from Fox 29. In particular, they need to be wary of “gummies.”

The state’s Department of Health feels this is a big issue as edible weed has become more and more available in their state and surrounding ones. They also are under the assumption that people like to give away drugs to children. For free. 

Jim Jefferson, Liaison to the Addictions Task Force said about the potential risk, “Parents need to be aware and check for unusual candy packaging. If they suspect their child has received marijuana candy they should immediately contact their local police department.”

If things do go south for parents in Gloucester County, they can just stock up on frozen pizzas and Funyuns for the young ones. The kids can ride it out.