No Hassle Nutrition Rules

1. Eat every 2 hours.
No, not sugar and junk. Think lean protein, whole grains, and nothing overly processed and stick with sensible servings. This will keep your metabolism burning at its peak and help to reduce excess hunger and cravings.

2. Eat three things at each meal.
All your feedings should consist of a protein source, such as lean beef, chicken, fish, beans, or tofu; a side of vegetables and/or fruits; and a healthy fat source, such as nuts or seeds.

3. Prepare your meals in advance.
Otherwise you’ll fall back into bad habits (like vending machines and fast-food lanes). Cook and pack three days’ worth of meals at a time, so you have to be in the kitchen only two days a week.

4. Buy only what you need.
Stock your kitchen with healthy foods and throw everything else out. That way, you’re stuck with your new eating program and can’t help but succeed!