Nutrition Q&A: How Should I Eat Carbs to Get Bigger?

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Q: How Should I Eat Carbs to Get Bigger?

The one recipe that will help you the most is the stir fry. Though usually associated with Asian cuisine, you can make any kind of ethnic food in a skillet. Boil some rice and set it aside to cool. Slice up the meat of your choice and chop some vegetables. Add the meat and vegetables to a hot skillet (you can use a little oil or water to keep the food from sticking), and stir until it’s cooked. Pile the rice onto a plate and top with your stir fry.

Stir frys are convenient in many ways. They allow you to prepare a balanced meal in one dish. They also make it easier to keep track of ingredients and macros because you can count them as you add them to the pan. And for you veggie haters, they make it easier to sneak vegetables into your meals without noticing them as much or wondering how you’ll flavor them. They will absorb the other flavors of your stir fry. 

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