Nutrition Q&A: I Love Sriracha Sauce. Is It OK to Put It on Everything?

Sriracha Sauce ingredients

Q:I love Sriracha sauce. Is it OK to put it on everything? 

A: The original Sriracha that comes in the squeeze bottle with the green top has a gram of sugar per teaspoon. That will add up fast if you’re using it to flavor a big stir fry. Huy Fong makes another product, Chili Garlic Sauce, that does not contain sugar. I like this one better anyway.

More sugar-free stir fry sauces are LC Food Low Carb Teriyaki Sauce, which has two grams of carbs per serving, and San-J Organic Shoyu, which has only one gram of carbs per serving. Whether it’s sauce, cooking spray or condiments, be mindful of how much added sugar are in those often overlooked (and overused) food products. 

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