Olympic Diver David Boudia’s 7% Body Fat Nutrition Plan


David Boudia shocked the world at the London Olympics, scooping up Team USA’s first gold in the high dive since Greg Louganis and upending China’s diving dynasty. Now, as the top-ranked diver in America turns his focus to Rio, he has yet another advantage: his wife and registered dietician, Sonnie, who—while juggling their baby daughter—keeps the returning champ running on the highest-octane fuel around (even if that means the occasional brownie.)

Here, the All-American couple details David’s Olympic nutrition plan.

MEN’S FITNESS: What’s your go-to training meal?

DAVID: Every single morning when I’m practicing, I always have a smoothie: Frozen strawberries, blueberries, spinach, banana, protein peanut butter powder, and Zico coconut water. It doesn’t have the extra fat that milk adds, but it also has the protein, so I can have a productive workout.

Do you eat to achieve a particular physique?

DAVID: I’m in a tiny suit, obviously, so you can see just about everything on me. And in my sport, the judges are grading you from the moment you step on the platform. If I don’t look good, they take that as a sign that I’m not as serious as the other competitors. Like a boxer, I have a fight weight. When I’m going into competition, I’m at 161. My body fat is between 6-8%, but I don’t stress about that as much as I did anymore, just because I know my body well enough by now.

Do you focus on any particular foods over others?

SONNIE: We’d choose sweet potatoes over regular potatoes, just because of the added nutrient value. Colorful fruits and vegetables over the bland ones. Lean meats versus fattier cuts. Ground turkey over ground beef. Quinoa or brown rice over white rice.

How do you spread out your meals?

DAVID: I like three square meals, and make sure I’m snacking throughout the day. It can be something as little as yogurt with some cereal in it, or carrots and hummus, or apples and peanut butter.

Do you ever get hungry?

DAVID: Yeah, I feel hungry because I’m bored. I think that’s why everyone eats. They’re sitting on the couch, or in the car, and they’re bored out of their mind, and they think ‘Man, I am starving.’ But they’re really not. It’s probably because they’re not hydrating enough. And I’m just like everyone else. But when I say I’m hungry, Sonnie will say, ‘David, are you really hungry?’ And when I say a dramatic ‘yes,’ she’ll send me to the fridge and I’ll grab carrots and hummus. And I’ll go back to the couch and be pouting because I actually want brownies.

Is that your favorite cheat meal?

DB: Brownies are pretty good. I think my wife turned me on to them, because she has a love of brownies.

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Sonnie, anything to say to that?

SB: I’m thankful to live with him and his strict diet, because it helps me. So brownies don’t happen as often as I’d like.

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